London is so expensive

that I am starting to use toilet paper on both sides.


Salt on sweet cookies?!

Why the english put kilos of salt on the sweet cookies? Must be Xenophobia. What other better explanation?


The big failure of my life...

"The big failure of my life it's been not writing a famous quote".


People talk to me on the streets,

They sit on my table on the bars, they ask where I am from and comment about argentina, they even get into my private phone conversations. Quote from today while talking to a real estate agent: "You shouldn't talk to them, they are thieves".
For some people this could be very disturbing. As for myself, I think I prefer this rather than people not talking to each other. This makes a lot of sense, there is no reason for not talking to other people just because you don't know them.

Now, if you don't belong to my circle of close friends, please get the hell out of my blog.


I am 30 but

Everyday I wake up thinking how good it is not having to go to school.
I wonder when this thought is going to disappear.


Damn powerful advertising,

Being far from home can make you feel lonely, distant, disconnected. But you know what? there is something that always make you feel home. It's not a picture of dad or mom, or a phone call, not even being with someone else. It's the brands that surround your life: If you open the fridge and you find a Coke, you feel home. If your shampoo is on the shower, you feel home. I haven't thought of this before, until my wife made a comment about how she felt regarding the products that she could find here in London.

Could you ever believe that the brands could play such a big part in our lives?