Damn powerful advertising,

Being far from home can make you feel lonely, distant, disconnected. But you know what? there is something that always make you feel home. It's not a picture of dad or mom, or a phone call, not even being with someone else. It's the brands that surround your life: If you open the fridge and you find a Coke, you feel home. If your shampoo is on the shower, you feel home. I haven't thought of this before, until my wife made a comment about how she felt regarding the products that she could find here in London.

Could you ever believe that the brands could play such a big part in our lives?


Fede y mamá Jesi said...

Does Coke taste the same as here? it usually changes because of the water.

Coke rules

ob1 said...

Well, I can't believe you didn't notice the brands play such a big part in our lives before. =P
Maybe it's because I work in advertising... but I use to think that people know how much they are 'brands slaves'. =D

Anonymous said...

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