Losing Spanish,

As a result of living in London (it's been one week) I am already losing my spanish. This is pretty common I think, even expected. What I did not expect is to lose my english as well. It's getting worse every day.


Horror comics prohibited,

As crazy as it sounds, horror comics are prohibited from being brought to the UK. This is probably an old rule that they forgot to delete. I don't really understand what kind of harm can a horror comic do.
I am sure that the horror comic writers and painters of the UK are the supporters of this law and they are a famous lobby group with great influence over prince Harry.

They also prohibited the walkie-talkies and porn. Among other random things.


A visit to waitrose,

Waitrose is one of the supermarkets of London. We went to buy toilet paper, which is usually a little embarrassing but if you buy something else that's fine. Even though we all go to the bathroom, it is still awkward to walk with a bag full of toilet paper.
The thing is, we got to that part of the supermarket and there they were: two options for us. The recycle paper, which is good for the healthiness of the planet. And the very very soft paper. We did not know which one to pick:

One of them is a pain in the ass because it's not soft.
The other one is a pain in the ass because it ruins the planet.

I won't say the decision, it's very private. But I can say that my ass is so soft tonight.


Highly expensive apart-blogger carrer,

I am staying in a highly expensive apartment. However, the broadband is not working and I got a Dial up connection. At first I thought that my career as a blogger would be ruin because of this. But wait, I thought, what career as a blogger???


Pregnant Ashley

Getting on the internet from London is a nightmare. I am in a beautiful apart hotel in South Kensington, but still, it sucks. I can't even use the Skype or watch youtube videos. The manager has just sent a letter to all the apartments asking: "please do not download heavy files anymore". Fuck the manager, why would you use broadband without downloading things?
There is another thing that changed regarding the use of internet. Some website recognize my ip address coming from London. So I am seeing more english spoken banners.
One of them said: Daily Poll: Is Ashley Simpson pregnant?

It's crazy. It's like we could influence the pregnancy or not pregnancy of a person! what kind of poll is that?


How to survive in London #1

Thursday. 3 AM. Everyone is sleeping but not us.
Surviving in London is not an easy thing to do. The first thing you need to know is:
The fruits, they sell them by unity and not weight. That's why today I've spent 5 minutes in a hard quest for getting to the biggest avocado. Only because all of them had the same price.
I will keep on posting soon.


Last goodbye party,

I just got back home from my last goodbye party before leaving Argentina. I really wasn't in the mood for party, but I wasn't sad either. I was in the mood of Nostalgia.
I couldn't stop thinking "we should throw a nostalgia party!". We should eat typical argentinian food, seeing old photo albums, remembering old stories. Why not enjoying something very argentinian that you've never liked? Or dress like gauchos.

Celebrate Nos-tal-gi-a, c'mon! (think of celebrate good times).



George Lucas is claiming the copyright over the designs of the costume of Star Wars. The designer has been doing business on his own from this designs. Who is right? I don't know. What I do know is that this two geniuses were capable of selling this shit to thousands of freaks.
However, I am planning to use one on my next wedding anniversary ;)


One less Charlton Heston in the world,

I think we can't celebrate the death of someone. However, this guy deserves it.
I am glad he died of natural causes because this guy would have preferred to die by a bullet.


Bill Gates not looking

The magnate met the argentinian vice president whose trademark is to have a prosthetic hand. As you can tell on the picture, Bill Gates is doing an extraordinary effort thinking of "not to look at the hand, not to look at the hand, not to look at the hand". Picture talks by itself.


The creator of the word: "Bathblogging"

So I sat with my computer and my blog opened on the throne and I went like: Why don't I do a little bit of bathblogging? In that very moment I knew that I was going to be remembered, if remembered, by the invention of the word "Bathblogging".

BATHBLOGGING: The action of blogging while sited on the bath.

It's a good word, isn't? Any experience on how to add it to wikipedia? Greatly appreciate it.

And since I am talking about being remembered, I will remember Paul Arden. I would have loved to meet him.

I should probably separate that last note from the previous one but it's time to get out of here.


Meet Austin, the #1 Boca fan

He is one of the most known characters between kids nowadays. He belongs to the worldwide famous Backyardigans. Her creator, Janice Burgess, based this character on an old uncle of her. As she said on this inverview, he was Argentinian and a big fan of Boca Juniors. That's why Austin never takes the Boca shirt off.



Ukelele playing brazilian prostitutes

Someone got into my blog by typing on google:
"ukulele playing brazilian prostitutes"

My interpretation of this is: there is a guy that would like to see brazilian prostitutes playing ukelele. At first I thought, this guy is a weirdo! but after a short while I thought, "well I would also like to see a brazilian prostitute playing the ukelele, it would be an extraordinary or at least unconventional show".

Anyway, I am proud that people get into my blog in search of such an extraordinary content. I am deeply sorry that I can't deliver the brazilian prostitutes playing ukelele.

How much is your blog worth?

According to this website, they can measure how much is your blog:


So, mine is only:
"Your blog, www.brokenglish.blogspot.com, is worth $564.54".

What they don't do is to pay for it. Otherwise, I would have sold it already for sure.

One funny thing to do is to see how much are other people blogs:
Your blog, www.ciegaacitas.com, is worth $89,197.32
Your blog, dispatchesfromtheisland.blogspot.com/, is worth $102,746.28
Your blog, english.martinvarsavsky.net/, is worth $279,447.30

Post your blogs results!