The new BigFoot,

According to an article I've read last week, the myth of the BigFoot is only 50 years old. Apparently, many people started to talk about him and the story, trough word of mouth, tipped. I was wondering if I could replicate this with the help of other bloggers, and to create a new myth for the world.
If you are interested, it's very simple:
1-send me a comment with your blog's address so I can track it.
2-And published something like this between April and May 2008:
"I was hunting on the woods and all of the sudden I turn around and there it was...it wasn't a man, nor a gorilla, nor that stupid myth the bigfoot. I don't know what it was, It was hairy but bold on the back of the head, and what worried me the most, it had a giant "thing". You know, a dick but the size of snake".
3-On family meetings or dinners with friends or even at work just refer at him like "bigdick".

Collaborate. Will do it together!


Fede y mamá said...

I think the google searches that will lead here will be hilarious!

Please please post them! haha

Anonymous said...

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