Those lines for the dead people on Sunday's newspaper,

I just don't get why some people write to the dead people on the newspaper. As crazy as it sounds, they probably think their death family or friends somehow receive those lines on the newspaper and their message, of course. In reality, these people don't think they are talking to the death, they just want to show or pretend they are sad for whatever reason.
Wouldn't it be great to reply those messages?
Dear family and friends: Thank you for all the nice things you've said. I love being able to talk to you this way, cause the physic was a little bit complicated due to bad signal. I miss you all. Honey, I think you could have waited a little longer to date your personal trainer. By the way, I knew it. Please when you split my money between you, remember to separate a couple of dollars to take care of my avocado tree.
I will always remember you as well, as long as you keep on posting these lines on the New York times. Love...

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