Last goodbye party,

I just got back home from my last goodbye party before leaving Argentina. I really wasn't in the mood for party, but I wasn't sad either. I was in the mood of Nostalgia.
I couldn't stop thinking "we should throw a nostalgia party!". We should eat typical argentinian food, seeing old photo albums, remembering old stories. Why not enjoying something very argentinian that you've never liked? Or dress like gauchos.

Celebrate Nos-tal-gi-a, c'mon! (think of celebrate good times).


Fede y mamá Jesi said...

No party is a party if I'm not there

CookieTime said...

You'll not know what "nostalgia" is until you take off to land somewhere else.

You might love or hate Argentina, but its charm can't be forgotten.

Good luck! :)

Petra said...

Hey, that is a good way to overcome nostalgia... to feast nostalgy!!! let's then have a party over the past times wich allways were better! Thank you for the receipt, I shall party each time she knocks at my door, wich could be almost every day!
Nice blog... I'll be seeing you soon!

ob1 said...

where are you going???

Me from Brokenglish said...

Ob1, I am in London now.
Petra, how come you are gonna see me soon? Are you another one of my stalkers?
Cookietime, I love Argentina in a weird kind of love.
Jesi, you were invited to come.

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