Ukelele playing brazilian prostitutes

Someone got into my blog by typing on google:
"ukulele playing brazilian prostitutes"

My interpretation of this is: there is a guy that would like to see brazilian prostitutes playing ukelele. At first I thought, this guy is a weirdo! but after a short while I thought, "well I would also like to see a brazilian prostitute playing the ukelele, it would be an extraordinary or at least unconventional show".

Anyway, I am proud that people get into my blog in search of such an extraordinary content. I am deeply sorry that I can't deliver the brazilian prostitutes playing ukelele.


ob1 said...

i imagine you considered the eventuality that "playing the ukulele" could be just a metaphor...

anyway it's strange to notice that brazilian prostitutes have such different predilections, between which... musicals.


Fede y mamá Jesi said...

I would expect them to play the flute at least!!

Anonymous said...

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