Nicole Kidman and George Clooney,

Yesterday, I saw the movie called "Michael Clayton" which was really good by the way. But I am still impressed with the titles at the end. George Clooney gets into a taxi and ask the driver to just drive, and we see Clooney thinking and watching through the window. And this shot lasts like 3 minutes without cutting. George Clooney does a great job trying to make you feel things without actually doing anything.
But this had happened before with the resurrection movie starring Nicole Kidman. She goes to the theater after receiving the news that her husband has resurrected in a kid, and you can see a shot that probably lasts longer and it's actually much better. The scene is much better because there is a much complicated plot to be tell, it's the moment in which she realizes what's going on and she cries. And Nicole performs better because she has a clear action rather than "travel in a taxi cab thinking about what just happened".
So Nicole Kidman and George Clooney are both great actors.
But taking these two actors and producing a movie is still not enough.
In 1997, they shot together "the peacemaker". Crappy movie.

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