Overheard in a bbq,

My friend's son (5 years old) says to his mother: Mom, Id like you to put on the bathroom that toilet paper with the dog. His mother goes: Sorry baby, that's too expensive. My friend: Mom wants us to use cardboard.

Couple of things to mention here:
1-This stupid marketing strategy is working on several levels. The kid thinks it's better to clean his shit with a dog.
2-The guy thinks that because of the dog drawing, it's a softer and therefore more expensive paper.
3-The mother, even if she has refused to buy it before, she has been ashamed in public. And she is feeling guilty now, ready to spend a lot of money in things that this family doesn't need.

it's a sad story. everything has been planned.


Fede y mamá Jesi said...

I think that paper is cute. I buy it!
I don't understand the idea of saving on TP... my ass deserves the best!!

Anonymous said...

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