Creepiest thing I've seen in a long time,

This little puppy is the creation of a Chinese manufacturer. And it's all over the world now. When you see this puppy there is not a single difference between the toy and the real animal. I can live with that, it's just a copy of the original.
What I can't stand is the fact that they made them breath. They are breathing fake dogs. They look incredibly alive but they are not.
It's so weird. You feel sad for them even when they are not real. You need to touch them only to realize that is dead. It's so pervert.
I think it is actually more pervert than a breathing sex doll.


Fede y mamá said...

I think the creepiest thing ever are those fake babies that look very real.
The fake dog is boring for me, why make it breath?? It would be more real if the dog drooled or peed everywhere.

Juan Rizzo said...

Breathing sex doll... Hmm... I can see the point of that (creepy, but potentially useful to someone, somewhere). But what could anyone do with a puppy aeternally in comma?

Anonymous said...

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