Feel like a poor southamerican,

Lately, I've been told that one of the most successful tours in Buenos Aires is the visit to "La villa". A "villa" is a place where people lives under very sad conditions, specially in terms of infrastructure. Crime is high over there, the police can't get in. It is the argentinian version of the brazilian favela. But in terms of culture, it's becoming very rich. They have their own system, their own music, they do art.
But still, when someone from the first world visits, it's like they are enjoying
the poor quality living of these people. It's like: "Come feel like a poor, do what the poor does, see how the poor lives, and the best thing of all: If you feel sad, if you feel it's enough, if you feel you want to enjoy a huge dish of argentinian meat, we will take you to your 300 us a night hotel and you can forget the whole thing, till you get to your contry and you get to tell your friends how sensitive you are by experiencing these way of living!"


argentinean said...

Fuck Off.
What shitty blog, and worst of all, a very sad way of traveling around.

Anonymous said...

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