Those shoes with wheels,

On my birthday number 30 I tried them on. The guy suggested:
The guy: -Just start by using just one shoe, don't use both wheels at the same time.
Me (thinking): -Are you kidding me? If kids can do it, I will know how to use them!

It was a reality check for me. I can't drive those shoes. I almost panic when I had to use them. I thought I was going to break my neck. It was a nice dream of my 20s, but it's gone.

I think I will try to play the ukulele instead. That's less dangerous.

Music of sad violins please.

ps: is it ukelele or ukilele? it's a poll!


Fede y mamá said...

It's ukelele
You definitely turned into Chandler... didn't you break your hip?
Just leave them for your son...

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