Moleskine+Barnes and Noble

I wanted to buy a notepad for writing ideas for my blog. I went to Barnes & Noble and I've found an authentic "Moleskine". The notepad that Hemingway used. I've felt tempted but the price was over 25 dollars for a blank notepad. At least, they could have put Hemingway's notes inside.
When I was leaving I thought: this is better than winning a Nobel Prize. You are a truly successful writer when someone is so stupid to buy a blank notepad just because you wrote in one of those.


BENBENEK said...

I noticed the ever-growing and disturbing "elitistic" MOLESKIN TREND about three years ago, especially amongst my illustrator colleagues ("No, no...it's not a sketchbook...it's my MOLESKIN...")

Needless to say, I'd never heard of the compound word "moleskin" - let alone seen one or actually picked one up.

Common, everyday items such as drawing pads, nice pens (etc) have always been mark-up items for dimwitted and unsuspecting (and usually poor) college and art students.

All I have to say is "moleskin, shmoleskin"

nice blog

Kurt Benbenek



PS - keep moles off yer skin,
they're persistent little critters!

Brokenblogger said...

Dear Kurt, I think they use Moleskine only because they must have short dicks. Which is fine for me cause I belong to the same club, but I don't have problems with it.

Bilingual Blogger said...

I have a Moleskin and didn't realize I was part of some trendsetter clique. I got it because it is a compact, hardcover notebook that can take a lot of wear and tear bouncing around in my backpack. It has lasted a lot longer than the conventional paperback (or cardboard-covered) notepads. But I only paid 7 euros for it. I had no idea they were that expensive in the States. Wow.

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